Great American Painted 60 Gallon Rain Barrel

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Additional features

  • UV protected for a long life
  • Overflow fitting, drain plug, screw on cover included
  • Optional spigot 4 or 14 inches from ground
  • Features an insect screen to keep water clear of debris
  • 1 year limited warranty



Rain happens. Rain is free. A 60 gallon rain barrel can fill in less than .25-inches of rainfall (depending on the size of your roof and gutter system). Rain barrels can go a long way in offsetting your domestic water needs: including gardening, car washing, and pool topping. In turn, the burden on the local water system or your well will diminish and ultimately save you money. Collecting rain water has become as typical as recycling bottles, cans, newspapers, and composting. Link two or three barrels together (linking hose not included) and you can save up to 180 gallons of precious rain water.

  • Made from recycled food grade polyethylene
  • 60-gallon capacity
  • Link to other barrels with a .75-inch piece of garden hose
  • Measures 24 diam. x 39H inches; weighs approx. 20 lbs.



The Great American Rain Barrel is built to be extremely durable with a wall thickness of 3/16\", resulting in a rigid, heavy duty rain barrel that will last virtually forever. Each UV protected polyethylene rain barrel is manufactured in the USA from a recycled shipping barrel that stands 39-inches tall by 24-inches wide and weighs 20 lbs. empty. The barrel comes complete with overflow fitting, drain plug, and screw on cover. You can choose an optional spigot, too, and you have a choice of the spigot positioned at 4 or 14 inches off the ground. Attach your garden hose to the spigot and water your garden or lawn, even wash your car. We sest raising the barrel for use with a regular garden hose as it's gravity fed. Our rain barrel arrives with simple instructions for fast and easy installation.


How to Link Barrels Together
To save even more water, you can link your first barrel to a second, also using a (shorter) piece of 3/4\" hose. Simply unscrew the upper plug (on the second barrel) and replace it with a second elbow. Attach one end of your hose to the overflow fitting (on barrel one) turning the fitting so that it is horizontal, and then attach it to the other end to the new elbow on the second barrel (which should also be turned horizontally). Attach your overflow hose to the second elbow (on barrel two) so that once that barrel has filled, you can direct excess water away from the foundation. We recommend keeping barrels close together for best results.


Helpful Tips:


  • To prevent ground saturation near your foundation, we recommend attaching a minimum of six feet of 3/4\" hose to the overflow fitting and directing the water away from the foundation.
  • To prevent insects from seeping into the barrel, a Teflon window screen can be draped over the barrel before screwing on the lid.
  • If odor or insects become a problem, Clorox is an age old remedy; use approximately 1/4 cup to harmlessly disinfect the water.
  • In order to avoid clogging, empty your barrel at least once a year to remove leaves and other debris that may have accumulated inside.
  • Ice in barrels can cause permanent damage and is not covered by the warranty. Please be sure to winterize your barrel.
  • CAUTION: Be sure to screw lid on tightly to prevent children or animals from falling into the barrel.
  • The Great American Rain Barrel is intended for garden use only. Do not use barrel to store drinking water.


Great American Rain Barrel Established in 1988, the Great American Rain Barrel Company was the result of an idea conjured up by two Massachusetts school teachers to recycle shipping drums into rain barrels – as inspired by those they'd seen in English gardens. The shipping barrels they'd chosen had been used to ship olives from Spain, and sometimes the olives were even cured in the barrels – and so the creation of the company was thematically appropriate, given the natural synergy with their import business and the environmental implications.Now, the Great American Rain Barrel Company is a fully owned subsidiary of a food importing and packing company. They repurpose their own shipping drums into a complete water collection system in their plant in Hyde Park, MA. With the support of a loyal customer base, the Great American Rain Barrel Company is one of the largest sellers of repurposed rain barrels to communities and individual people nationwide.

Brand:Great American Rain Barrel

Material:Recycled Food Grade Plastic Resin

Manufacturer Part Number:PaintedRB EarthBrw

Assembled Product Weight:20.0 Pounds

Great American Painted 60 Gallon Rain Barrel

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